Overview | About N5210K

Data as of September 2007

Year, make & model: 1950 Ryan Navion B (converted from A-model after installation of beef-up kit in 2005) 

Registration: N5210K

Serial number: NAV-4-2110

Airframe TTSN: 4205.7 hours

Engine model & HP: Continental E-225-4 / 225 hp 

Engine time: 96.3 hours SMOH

Propeller model: Hartzell HydroSelective HC-12V20-7

Propeller time: 30.2 hours SMOH

Damage history: No known damage to the airframe or engine; FAA reports no known damage

Avionics:  3 year old Garmin panel with 2 GPS NAV/COMs, Mode S transponder, + Michel MX 170B

FAA-approved upgrades:  Beef-up kit, panoramic windows, rear step, Symons downdraft, Palo Alto tail, Texas Patch, upgraded panel with modern gauges, Aviation Development Corp (ADC) [now Oberg] oil filter system, sump mod, Whelen strobes and beacons, modified nose bowl, E-225 engine, flap gap kit, beefed-up hatbox section for nose gear, Skytronics 50 A alternator, Brittain wing leveler, large capacity oil Harrison cooler, ACS control wheels, Douthitt leading edge vents, Brittain aileron balance weights, Brackett air filter, Sierra Hotel fuel tanks, Hartzell prop governor.

Exterior: N5210K is highly polished aluminum. In 2005 the bottom of the wings were painted with Deft green epoxy-

polyamide primer, Sherman Williams Acry Glo Titanium silver metallic urethane, and several coats of Acry

Glo clear base polyurethane.

Interior: Good condition; arm rests & phone jacks in all seats; sheepskin seat covers on front seats

Panel: Modern panel featuring upgraded instruments, with superior panel and cabin illumination

Engine: Major overhaul in April, 2006, with new Teledyne Continental cylinders, parts, baffles, etc.

Accessories: Overhauled April, 2006: Fuel & hydraulic pumps, mags, governor, T-drives, starter, alternator

Performance: 134 knots true airspeed at 11 GPH

Annual/100 hour inspections: Performed by Classic Air Works, Inc.

Airworthiness Directives: In compliance with all applicable to this airplane

Transponder & pitot/static: Current

Weight & Balance: Current

Additional items: Service, Parts, and other Navion manuals, two jacks, propeller removal tool, other

valuable spare parts and hardware, all receipts for labour, parts, and materials related to this aircraft

Navion trivia

Subtract 3100 from the N-number of a Navion bearing its original N-number to calculate the aircraft's serial number. 

For example, the serial number for N5210K is 2110. The serial number can also be calculated this way:

Original N-number:           5210

                       Less:          3100

       Serial number:           2110

You can turn a parked Navion around 360 degrees within its own wingspan. 

Carefully step down on the tail skid while holding on to the tail until the nose wheel clears the ground. When you find the Navion's balance point, pull the tail in the desired direction.