Links to Navions | Resources

American Navion Society

Information about Navion STCs, ADs, 337s, modifications, kits, tips, Q & A, and more

Golden Gate Navioneers

Information about Navions, STCs, fly ins, and more

The Navion Files

Rip Quinby's remarkable web site provides invaluable information to Navion owners


The History of the North American and Ryan Navion

Sierra Hotel Aero Inc.

This for-profit corporation is holder of the Navion Type Certificate

North American's Navion: Sonuva Mustang

Read about the early history of Navions, and how pilots fly them today 

Navion Pilots & Owners

Online forum for questions & answers, and social dialog among the Navion community

Navion Speedster

Scott Perdue's October 1, 2005 article in Plane & Pilot magazine about the Navion

Navions Unite

Article in Flying magazine about the Navion

All about a group of Navioneers that fly out of Langley, BC

Historical photos and information about Navions in Uruguay

The Navion Page

Photos of some nice-looking Navions

Ryan Navion

Wikipedia's extensive description of the Navion

North American Navion/L-17

Many photos of Navions at the 2005 Camarillo Air Show

Information about the Navion's military history