All entries found in the various Aircraft, Engine, and Propeller Log Books that have been prepared for N5210K over the years to the present have been keyed into a database.*

Using the database, individual entries, pages, or even the entire log books can be printed out from any Mac or Windoze-based word processing program.

The digital reproduction of decades worth of log book entries for N5210K is a valuable resource unique to this airplane because it allows searches based on any keyword.

Another advantage of the digital log books is that when performing repairs on this aircraft, an A&P can easily obtain and retain a copy of the log books without having to see—and risk the loss of—the original log books.

Yet another advantage is that the database can be backed up onto USB drive or other external media for safe keeping.  This backup can be used as a copy of all the log books as a last resort if the originals were ever lost.

* The Aircraft, Engine, and Propeller log books are not available prior to 1987.